Project Co-Lead, Principal Interface Designer
Hong Kong, SAR


Figma, Adobe CC
3D Print + Development


Fall Semester

#HKMemories is a product/ID/UIX entry in Coca-Cola SWIRE's interdisciplinary honours design competition at Hong Kong Polytechnic University <香港理工大學>

Entry was awarded Merit Award Finalist position and is currently in development by Coca-Cola SWIRE. Copyright belongs to Coca-Cola SWIRE and designers Elyse Lon Hi Ying, Carrie Cheng Yuk Lam, and Iris Jyu Joeng Yip.

Project Intro

How do we tackle elderly isolation in super-ageing societies where fast-paced cultural and societal shifts are contributing to both the social and physical isolation of the elderly from younger generations?

Research reveals the key pain points of intergenerational interaction in Hong Kong as such:

  • Language and Conversational Barriers
  • Environmental/Circumstantial disconnect due to rapid Gentrification
  • Dying traditions and holidays as replaced by better-known Mainland or British alternatives

This project prompts the following: through the adaptation and use of physically sustainable products distributed by Coca-Cola, how can we design an activity that increases awareness and education in Cantonese society regarding important cultural and historic roots?

Problem Space

Due to ongoing development of the project due to Coca-Cola LTD, certain materials relating to the project cannot be disclosed. For more information on the project, please feel free to check out the original student product guide and circular operations handbook.