Concept Designer, UIX Illustrator
Boston, MA


Adobe Illustrator


2019 (3 Weeks)

Folkus is a goal-setting & habit reinforcing app that focuses on motivating the user to achieve their goal through illustrative story-telling. Once the user sets their desired goal and outcome, the app matches it to an adventure tailored to the setting of their goal in order to help them stay on track and motivated throughout the process.

Driven by visual motivation and the user's own curiosity, Folkus helps users to achieve their goal in an interactive and engaging way.

Designed by Lucy Yip and Iris Yip.

Project Intro

The technique of reinforcing good habits and pushing you to reach your goal via discovering new and interesting stories is based on the psychological process of positive reinforcement, a method of learning that occurs through rewards in established in the field of behavioural psychology.

In operant conditioning, positive reinforcement involves the addition of a reinforcing stimulus following a behaviour that makes it more likely that the behaviour will occur again in the future. When a favourable outcome, event, or reward occurs after an action, that particular response or behaviour will be reinforced and more likely to be repeated in the future.

Folkus focuses on personal growth rather than peer-to-peer competition, so the application will be its own immersive offline environment without community engagement options. This is to ensure that the users are not tempted to compare themselves to others in the community. Everyone has their own goals and motivations in life, and we hope that through personalised encouragement, they are able to achieve them at their own pace.

App Overview

Setting goals should be easy and fun! When the user wants to create a goal / habit. Users will be brought through the flow depicted below in order to establish a concrete vision of their goal in their minds, as well as prompt the app to help them choose the best track for it.

Once the user finalises the timeline and setting of their goal, they get to choose from three adventure prompts that help guide them through the progress of reaching their goal -- Explore, Cultivate, and Build. Each of the three corresponds to a different type of narrative that provide their own uniquely styled checkpoints,

Step 1

Define what the goal is

Step 2

Set your duration and milestones

Step 3

Customise potential roadblock settings

Step 4

the fun part! Time to kickstart the journey

User Journey

The different journeys are all unique in terms of timeline and context. A vectorial, quirky cartoon style was chosen as the design language of the app. We are aiming for a positive, energetic mood with engaging illustrations that feel cohesive throughout, but can bring their own unique atmosphere to the app. This will help engage repeating users as they go on different journeys over time.

The currently planned selection of stories involve subject matters ranging from culture and history to scientific evolution and discovery.

Unique Prompts